Ice Cold Ice Hockey
is a fast-playing two-player card game that is designed to simulate professional ice hockey. A deck of 68 cards and comprehensive yet easy-to-understand rules comprise the complete game. There are no dice. The cards serve multiple purposes, including passing, skating, shooting, defense, shot-blocking and goaltending. Generally, you’ll have a hand of five cards; one player will be on offense and play a skate or pass card. Some of these cards allow the opposing player to play a defensive card and break up the play; others don’t. Hand management is important, as you’ll always want good offensive cards and a defensive card or two, if possible. You’ll also constantly want to replace a good card with a better one.


Card combinations are key in ICIH. You’ll absolutely want to keep an Inside Shot card in your hand, for example, in the hope of pairing it up with a Pass or Skate card that leads to an Inside Shot. This is referred to as a “set-up” in the game. Three and even four-card set-ups are possible, and over time you’ll learn what they are. You can also bluff a bit; for example, if you have a surplus of offensive zone (OZ) cards but no Inside Shot card, you can play an OZ card which allows the play of a defensive card to tease one out of your opponent’s hand.

ICIH features realistic shots on goal, scoring and game play. Sometimes you’ll effortlessly set up end-to-end plays while at other times you’ll only be able to dump the puck out of your own defensive zone. You’ll shoot from the point and, after some effort, from close-in. On defense, sometimes you’ll be able to challenge the puck-carrier and sometimes you won’t. Sometimes you’ll have to risk a penalty to stop an opponent’s scoring chance. Loose pucks, blocked shots, breakaways, fighting, momentum, super-saves – they’re all here in Ice Cold Ice Hockey!

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