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A Tribute to
One of TV's
Finest Shows

if his opponent were evil enough, he'd become "toast." Paladin accepted the fact that he had the power of life and death; he quite clearly played God, and did not take that responsibility lightly. It's also clear that he was, for all practical purposes, as talented at his craft as anyone. On occasion he would get wounded in a fair fight, but if he did, you could be sure his opponent would be shot dead. Based on his demeanor and his deeds, Paladin obviously knew he need fear no man; he reigned at the summit of the gunslinging pecking-order, and he understood that truth completely. (In an intriguing episode, events force Paladin into a showdown with famed gunfighter Sam Tuttle; Paladin knows he can't beat him, but assures Tuttle that he'll die, too.) He used a black, single-action Colt .45 with a long, rifled barrel; the gun was hand-crafted to his own specifications and had a feathery one-ounce trigger pull. He also wisely carried a concealed derringer, which he'd often use to good effect some time after being told to "drop your gun."

While Paladin would always
vanquish his foes in his
gunfights, he would often
decide beforehand whether
he would merely wound the unlucky miscreant
or kill him;
A Man and His Tools