Phony Images of Benedict Arnold

The above commonly-used image
of a "dandy" Benedict Arnold is unquestionably a fraud.

Benedict Arnold Burial Site

In St. Mary’s of Battersea, a Georgian-era stone church in London overlooking the Thames.

Arnold Reenactor

Kevin Titus does a fantastic job of bringing General Arnold to life.

Great Photos

A fine collection of places and people pertinent to the saga of Benedict Arnold.

Lake Champlain
During the Revolution

The location of the Battle of Valcour Island.

The Hudson River Valley
During the Revolution

Arnold saw a lot of activity on this waterway during the war.

Leffingwell House

This c.1675 Norwich museum has a permanent corner devoted to Arnold, and sponsors an annual Benedict Arnold Day.

The Radical Patriots

They hated tyranny--as long as they were
the tyrants in charge. Arnold despised them.

Arnold's Letter:
"To The Inhabitants of America"

His main issues are with an autocratic Congress, the French alliance, and the prosecution of the war even after Britain agreed to redress American grievances.


A comprehensive account of the battles.

Benedict Arnold Trail

An illuminating walking tour in Norwich, CT, Arnold's birthplace.